It is a service that is a standard practice in many European countries abroad. Ιn Greece, it is an innovative approach. The service includes the collection of waste from each establishment and household (even with more than one bin, according to international standards).


  • More efficient «source separated recycling”
  • Higher-quality recycling
  • Significant reduction in residual waste sent to landfills
  • Resource savings for the Municipality
  • Financial benefits for residents
  • Reduced municipal fees.


Brief Service Description:

The waste collection is carried out from every establishment and household. As part of the program, participants no longer dispose of their waste in large communal bins but in individual bins provided by the Municipality (up to 4 bins for various recyclable materials, each with a different color).

These bins are placed in special decorative metal structures that can be locked. Each bin is numbered, so we know to whom it belongs. The collection of organic waste is proposed to take place 5 times a week, while for other materials (glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum), it occurs once a week.

For ‘Bulky Items,’ the collection is again done door-to-door, following a prior phone appointment. In specific areas of particular importance, the use of bins can be entirely eliminated by the Municipality, provided that it is feasible based on the area’s topography.”

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