Municipalities’ waste management strategy prioritizes the implementation of the national waste management plan, as outlined in the new National Waste Management Plan, the respective Regional Waste Management Plans and Local Waste Management Plans for each municipality. This plan outlines all the necessary actions that the Municipal Authority should undertake to support the implementation of the national plan.

Specifically, it includes actions that the Municipal Authority should implement in order to:

  • Identify the necessary means and infrastructure projects required at the local level to improve waste management at the municipal level
  • Develop new measures that contribute to minimizing the treatment of mixed waste in the area, with an emphasis on source reduction
  • Implement activities that directly involve citizen
  • Undertake appropriate initiatives necessary for the upgrading of services provided to citizens in the waste management sector

The application of these proposed actions aims to achieve the national, general, and specific waste management targets set by the Greek legislation and the National Waste Management Plan. In particular, the purpose of the service is to depict the existing waste management situation in each Municipality and to formulate a detailed action plan for the development of all necessary actions, including:

  • Objectives of the program and the methodology for achieving and monitoring them
  • Dimensioning the necessary equipment for developing the municipal network for separate collection of recyclables
  • Development of necessary infrastructure for integrated management of recyclable materials
  • Any alternative possibilities

A citizen reward platform for participants in “Sorting-at-Source” Programs in the Municipality’s infrastructure, through point redemption and incentive provision.

The planning and implementation of the service take into account all institutional developments in the solid waste management sector, such as Law 4042/2012 for waste management, the new National Waste Management Plan (September 2020, Government Gazette 185/A Act 39 of 31-8-2020).

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