Through THE GREEN CITY Innovative Recycling Reward Program, all participating citizens have the opportunity to recycle and gain immediate benefits!

The type and weight of materials are converted into Green coins, earning benefits through THE GREEN CITY‘s partner companies.

In addition to the benefits, each citizen contributes significantly to environmental protection, waste reduction, energy conservation, and the promotion of sustainable development!

Users are updated daily through THE GREEN CITY website and the mobile application about the predefined routes, performed by 100 or more Mobile Green Points (vans) across Greece.

Furthermore, users can recycle their materials at Recycling Infrastructures (Smart Recycling Kiosk and Smart Recycling Corner) located in various points across municipalities.

The Recycling Rewards Program offers a unique opportunity for businesses to offer discounts and offers to citizens who recycle. In this way, businesses adopt environmental practices, demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility and their sensitivity towards environmental issues, while also gaining visibility through THE GREEN CITY‘s communication channels.

THE GREEN CITY Recycling Rewards Program has expanded to include the Smart Household Mechanical Composters, for biowaste!


  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Metal Objects
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Electronic & Electrical Equipment
  • Used Cooking Oil and Fats
  • Clothing (Apparel/Footwear)
  • Organic Waste

You can view all recycling streams and the points you earn per stream HERE.





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