The goal of each municipality is to create and develop a comprehensive waste management system for the bio-waste generated within its boundaries. This aims to meet the established targets for bio-waste as outlined in the new National Waste Management Plan. These targets include the establishment of a separate bio-waste collection network by the end of 2022, the separate collection of 35% of biodegradable municipal waste by 2025, and 40% by the year 2030.

This objective is expected to be achieved through the establishment of a municipal network of bins for the pre-sorting of bio-waste (brown bins) and the initiation of a municipal program for household composting using specialized household composting bins. Therefore, the diversion of bio-waste and its further utilization will be supported by the development and operation of the following individual municipal systems.

  • A system for separate collection of household and commercial biowaste through wheeled bins with locks (240 liters, 660 liters, 1,100 liters)
  • A system for collection and transport of the collected biowaste to the final recipient, the Biowaste Treatment Facility
  • A household composting system using 300-liter domestic composting bins
  • A mechanical composter

Through the implementation of similar actions, one of the objectives is to highlight the significant advantages that “Sorting-at-Source” can offer, such as:

  • The promotion of best environmental practices for managing biowaste
  • The reduction of waste quantities sent to communal mixed waste collection bins
  • Substantial cost savings due to the reduced expenses for collection, transport, temporary storage, and final disposal of waste

Simultaneously, this approach aims to raise public awareness of composting matters and substantially strengthen household composting, which currently occurs only in a few households using more traditional methods, such as depositing biowaste of plant origin into pits or heaps.


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